Mouth Coin Purse

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As seen on 9GAG!

Finally, Mouth Coin Purse is available for ORDER

We’ve spent months crafting this wallet and making sure every detail is as perfect as It could be. It took us hundreds of hours to design a perfect sketch, mechanics and to select all ideal materials. Picking the right silicone material out of hundreds or choosing which hair to use for the beard - well, you get the picture.

But all the hard work pays off sooner or later. And here we are!

After you touch it for the first time - you’ll realize that its something special and like nothing you have experienced before.

Coin purse, banknote holder, stash box, W-T-F necklase, a conversation starter - it can be anything you want, you name it. Possibilities for this product are unlimited, just like your potential.

There is no point in overselling this purse, you and I both know how exceptional and valuable it is. So let's get down to juicy details:

WEIGHT: 5 oz


Height (top-bottom length): 5.5 inches
Width (from cheek to cheek): 3.5 inches
Mouth diagonal: 1.4 inches


Special formula soft silicone which feels like the human body.

Stainless steel is used to manufacture the inner construction which opens the purse.

Perfect teeth structure was achieved after mixing ceramics and minerals used by most advanced dental clinics


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North America: 5-7 business days
Europe: 7-10 business days
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This coin purse is like nothing you have ever seen before.